Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Who Am I to Judge A Couple's Reasons? Video #4

What right do I have to advocate for The One Best Reason to have another child?

"To carry on the family name" "To be just like other couples" and "To care for me when I'm old" are very common responses to the question, What is the reason you had a child?

Here's who I am......I have helped couples fix their marriages for 3 decades. In video #4 I make this point: If the reason you are having another child is because you have a son and are now trying for a daughter, you have a 50% chance of success. Since children (on average) tend to decrease marital satisfaction, I want your marriage to have a much better chance than 50%!

Personal Note: On the right end of the piano is a photo of my Dad, Joseph Singer(of blessed memory) author of the quote that starts my book, "When all else fails, read the directions."


Shelly said...

Love is the key, Alan, regardless of the family size or the gender of the children. You need to want the child and want to be a parent. A partnership with God goes along way also, whether we have one or a dozen (or more) children, biological, adopted or special needs. Each child needs to feel loved, wanted, and valued for their own uniqueness and qualities.