Saturday, April 02, 2011

1/3 Say: “No Reason, It Just Happened.” Are You Serious?.....Video #3

The Pew Research Center surveyed 1003 adults recently. The respondents were asked how important various reasons were for them in deciding to have their first child. “It wasn’t a decision, it just happened” was cited by 35% of parents as very important!

Book Trailer video #3 is the best of the worst reasons to have a (another) child. The video takes less than a minute, but it’s packed full of mediocrity.

[Note to self for next book: wait for snow, then roll out the snow blower]


Shelly said...

After the book promos, you should do a stint on one of the morning news shows or late night talk shows.

Ok, friends, family, and CLIENTS of Alan Singer, how come I'm not seeing anyone else post here? If I was still in my child-bearing/rearing years, I would certainly be reading the book and listening. For that matter, I have children who are just beginning their families, so I will be paying close attention. Great job, Alan!