Friday, April 08, 2011

In Creating a Family and Catching a Wave, Timing is KEY...Video #5

Timing is the keyword I stress more than any other throughout the book. Don’t waste time asking yourself, “How many total children do we want?” or “What is the ideal number of children in a family?” Those aren’t decisions you should be making. Timing is THE decision you must make; together and carefully.

The key question: Is now the best time for us to have a (another) child?

Personal Note: As embarrassed as my children are that Dad is wearing his wetsuit for this book trailer, Mr. Noah Wolfe, foremost expert on social media in North America stated, “Pops, this video has legs”. Let’s see what happens Noah!


Anonymous said...

Why no more than 5 years?

Dr. Alan M. Singer said...

New England Journal of Medicine spells it all out---Feb 25, 1999
"Longer intervals were associated with higher risks"