Monday, September 05, 2011

Hometown Miami CBS Segment is Unique

Of the 18 book-related TV segments that I did this summer…..Miami, which is where I was born and raised, was both the cutest and most scientific. Strange combo?

You’ll see when you watch the clip (CLICK HERE) how adorable these infants-with-Moms are that CBS4 anchor Ms. Cynthia Demos was able to assemble on a rainy August afternoon in Coral Gables.

And I really admire Cynthia’s use of scientific design. Earlier in the day before I arrived for the taping, she interviewed each mother and asked about their family size intentions. She then interviewed me about my book and each mother listened as I described the family size guidance that I give to couples. She then went back to each mother and asked about their family size intentions again. Some Moms changed their statements and wanted to give it more thought.

It was a very rewarding experience for both me and my middle daughter, who is completing her Doctoral degree in Psychology and accompanied me to South Florida for the segment.