Friday, May 06, 2011

Menlo Park Mall Book Sales Enhanced by Silver Jag in Background....New Feature: Favorite Book Question of the Day

You know how important product placement is these days folks.....well I placed my product right in front of the Silver Jaguar on display and it did the trick. Barnes and Noble at Menlo was just terrific and they are the only store in Central NJ (and this continent) to have actual autographed books for sale.

It was Mom's Night Out at the Mall and there were mostly Mom's enjoying the atmosphere of free food samples, makeovers, and ear piercing Lady Gaga songs played by a DJ. But there were a lot of couples chillin in the mall tonight, so as they walked by, I would just shout out, "Hey Sir.....handle the family size decision first and she'll be more amenable to you buying that jag" (OK, I did that twice in 3 hours).

Favorite Book Question of the Day: A woman in her late 20's described: My close friend wanted a first child real badly and her husband wasn't exactly on board but then turned out to be a great Dad anyway. She wants a lot more kids for sure, she says. I am wondering Dr. Singer.....if I buy your book and give it to them, will she be mad at me because he'll read all your self-test questions and start thinking over the decision too much?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the book. You are doing all of the right things to get the message out. Good luck!
Kelly Damron