Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where Skill and Enjoyment Part Ways...Video #10

The "parenting" self-test questions in my book
are addressed in video #10.
Water ski guy dealt with you-the-individual; washing machine guy discussed your marriage and you as a couple. For couples who already have a child, these category three questions cover two key (and different) elements:

Are you a good parent? (skills, ability, diligence)

Do you really enjoy parenting? (pleasurable, rewarding, satisfying)

Those are two very different questions, and the responses will impact your family size decision.

Cinematic Note: video #10 wins the “Where’s Waldo?” award. Few people can tell where I am and what I’m doing. Answer: in the garage pouring wiper fluid into to the hood of my car…I’m sure you were plotzing to know that!