Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Book Is Born !!!

Decades in the making and my book, Creating Your Perfect Family Size has finally arrived!

Look right >>>>>>>>>>>and you’ll see the links to your favorite booksellers. My wife says it took 28 years, because she adds the 13 years that I worked on my PhD (dissertation topic = family size decisions) together with the 15 years post-doc. My children say, “Dad’s coming out of the basement this year!”

If you follow the Wiley link above, you can read the entire first chapter on their website. That’s terrific, except that there’s only 5 chapters in the book so you’re getting 1/5 of the book for a free click. I assume the logic is that you’ll like the sample so much you won’t be able to resist the main course.

The Book Title: My working title for 3 decades was “Family Size Does Matter” but the PR experts at Wiley felt that Creating Your Perfect……was more marketable. Folks, I’ve already started getting emails, “So Dr. Singer what exactly is the perfect family size?” As I state throughout the book….As many or as few, as long as you think it through.

The Video Trailers: So how am I going to be able to keep these blog posts interesting for you, the reader, in the next month as Wiley distributes the books? Of course, by using video book trailers. The goal of each trailer is for you to Tweat it and FB it to your closest 10,000 friends and then it goes viral....hey thanks loads! My son-in-law Noah is editing each trailer and posting it to YouTube (Thanks Noah!) and then I’ll blog about each video as it is released. That’s because, at Noah’s insistence, each video is low on hoakiness and high on actual content from the book.
Please let me know what you think of Chapter 1 and the videos.