Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"In Vitro We Trust"

Here is my letter to the New York Times re Peggy Orenstein's recent article. Click here to read the article.

Peggy Orenstein's "In Vitro We Trust" was well written and she is correct: the 3 million babies born worldwide via IVF are a miracle. But, can't we call a spade a spade? IVF is not the solution to a long standing medical challenge like diabetes or heart disease. IVF is one solution to the growing trend of infertility which is a consequence of intentionally delaying childbearing in the last 3 decades. Many couples, who use IVF, chose to delay childbearing for their own convenience.

As marriages are delayed, so are children, which results in significantly more multiple births as well as pre-term babies. While lauding IVF as a miracle, can't we also remind couples that decisions have consequences that can be heart-breaking? Just because a breakthrough is discovered, doesn't mean that we should become more dependent on it, considering its huge emotional and financial toll.

Dr. Alan Singer