Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good Questions About Miraculous Births

Infertility doctors are getting better and better at delivering miracles.
A recent piece in the Baltimore Sun titled, Limiting Reproduction asks some excellent questions:
Is it responsible for a woman to bear children regardless of her age and number of babies involved?
Is it ethical for fertility clinics to facilitate a paying customer's pregnancy simply because they know how?

The article (correctly in my view) suggests that it may be time for federal and state government to consider legal rules and boundaries for the fertility industry. Authors Pertman and Cahn describe a 60 year old woman who travelled to India for IVF because Canadian doctors deemed it unethical to treat her.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Singer,
Although I agree that there needs to be more accountability in the infertility industry, I don't think government regulation is the way to go. Infertility is a disease, not a lifestyle choice. Regarding the woman who traveled to India, while I don't agree with her choice, I can totally understand her desire for a child.

If insurance companies would cover fertility treatments, like they treat all other diseases, some of the issues and complications surrounding the infertility industry would disappear.

Kelly D.

Dr. Alan M. Singer said...

Kelly, you always have something worthwhile to say.

Surrogacy in India said...

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Dr. Alan Singer said...

So you know the expression...The Internet Never Forgets...but I am very curious how I just got 2 nice comments from readers in India on a post that I wrote last March?

Anyway....Shalom to you two new followers of this blog.

Jamwal Deepak said...

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Yang Brand said...

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